Questionnaire - Using Photos on Web Sites

Please answer questions on this form so I can provide an accurate fee. These are questions I routinely ask customers so please take a moment to consider them.

Which photo do you want to use?
(Photo ID numbers are located on the corner of most photos. If not you can describe the photo later)

Website Categories - Check the category that describes your company:

International Site: A commercial web site for a large company which provides promotional information to an international audience.

National Site: A commercial web site that provides promotional information to a national audience.

Small Business Site: A small business web site that provides promotional information to a regional audience only (city and state).

Educational and Non-Profit Site: A non-commercial web site that disseminates information only for educational or news purposes.

Where will the photo appear on the web site ?

Home page

Secondary page

Multiple pages

In a slide show with other photos

What size will the photo appear ?

Medium - Up to 300 pixels wide
Large - More than 300 pixels wide

How long will the photo be displayed?

1 Year
2 Years
3 Years

What is the address or URL of the web site where the photo will be displayed?

If the website is under construction, is there a temporary address or URL where we can view how the photo will be displayed?

Will the photo be used in any additional way? Please explain. (For example: Another location on the web site, an Email promotion, a PDF file, a printed brochure, etc.)

You can also use this space to explain other details of your project.

Your Name

Your Company Name

Name of End User (Company you represent if you are an Ad Agency, Designer or Webmaster)

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