Texas Flag Photography
Looking for Texas art? I offer a diverse collection of art photography for display in the home or office. If you're doing business in Texas, you can emphasize that local connection by displaying my Texas flag art photography in your business office. My art photographs are available in a variety of sizes to fit any wall size.
red, white and blue texas flag picture

The State Flag of Texas

The basic design of the Texas flag that endures today was approved in 1839, six years before Texas joined the United States. The colors of the flag are defined as being "Old Glory" red, white and blue, the same colors found in the U.S. flag.

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Texas and US Flags

Photo of the Texas flag and the American flag flying together in unity. When Texas was annexed in 1845 it retained the right to fly its flag at the same height as the national flag.

Texas flags waving in the wind

Row of Texas Flags

Texas flags waving in the breeze stand out a against a clear blue sky.

waving Texas flags on flag poles

Flags of Texas

The lone star on the state flag stands as a symbol of independence for generations of Texans.

Art Photography in a Business Office
In the workplace, art photography will provide a contemporary art solution. Consider the dramatic impact of displaying Texas flag art in a conference room or reception area. Express your state pride and make a connection with customers and employees. Read More...

Texas Windmill

This unique portrayal of the State Flag is available as a Fine Art Print ...

texas windmill red white and blue

Texas Windmill

The patriotic colors of the State Flag are proudly painted on a windmill.

Cowgirls in a mounted color guard carry the US and Texas flags for their horse riding club during a rodeo parade.
covered wagon on Texas trail ride

Covered Wagon

Cowboys in in the Houston Trail Ride proudly wave the State flag of Texas.

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