Questionnaire - Using Stock Photos For Printed Publication

Please answer questions on this form so I can provide an accurate fee. These are questions I routinely ask customers so please take a moment to consider them.

Which photo(s) do you want to use?
(Photo ID numbers are located on the corner of most photos. If not you can describe the photo later)

What is the function of your project that uses the stock photos ?

Commercial (to advertise or promote a company or product)

Editorial (to illustrate a magazine or book)

Other Function (please describe)

Check the type of media or product :

Trade Show Display
Billboard or Sign
Magazine or Newspaper Ad
Editorial Magazine or Newsletter
Textbook - Educational
TV, Film or Video
Retail product

Enter the maximum quantity that will be printed

Where will the photo appear in the publication ?

Inside Cover
Inside Page

What is the reproduction size of the photo?

Full Page
1/2 Page
1/4 Page

Will the photo be used in any additional way? If so, Please explain:


Your Company Name

Name of End User (Company you represent if you are an Ad Agency or Designer)

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