Gulf Coast Maritime Photography
This page features photos of oil tankers and maritime operations in the Houston ship channel and the Gulf of Mexico.
I am a maritime photographer and provide marine photography services to the shipping industry. Based in Houston, I am close to industries along the Texas Gulf Coast 

Crude Tanker in Houston ship channel

A fully loaded oil tanker passes by the Fred Hartman Bridge Houston on its way to the Gulf of Mexico.

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Port of Houston oil tankers

Oil Tankers in the Port of Houston

An aerial photo showing oil tankers passing under the Fred Hartman Bridge on the way to product terminals on the Houston Ship Channel.

oil tanker Photography in Port of Houston

Petroleum Tanker

A low angle aerial photo of a tanker provides a striking perspective of this vessel.

ULCC Ultra Large Crude Carriers in Gulf of Mexico

Oil Tanker Lightering

Lightering is a process involving ship-to-ship transfer of oil cargo. A supertanker is too large to enter the port so it offloads a portion of crude oil to a smaller vessel which delivers the fuel to port.

oil tankers lightering fuel transfer

Crude Oil Lightering

Two vessels are moored together with bumpers between them to prevent damage. Crude oil cargo is discharged through reinforced rubber hoses connecting the oil tankers.

VLCC very large crude carrier

Lightering of Petroleum Tanker

Along the Texas coast, this process takes place 20-60 miles from land. The massive size of the Ultra Large Crude Carrier is exagerated in these low angle aerial photos taken from a helicopter.

Maritime Photographer
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crude oil tankers at port of Houston refinery

Oil Depots

Crude carriers loading and unloading fuels at the terminals of an oil refinery. Petrochemicals awaiting shipment are s
tored in nearby fuel storage tanks and vessels.

Chemical Refinery at Dawn

An oil tanker passes by a refinery as the warm morning light illuminates the still waters of the ship channel.

Product Tanker at Terminal

Ships are constantly loading and unloading their liquid fuel cargo at port terminals.

stock photos of oil tankers

Oil Tankers in Port

Two massive vessels pass each other on their way to industrial docks where they will unload their cargo of crude oil.

Petroleum Transportation

Picture of a product tanker carrying liquid fuel passing through the Houston Ship Channel.

Port of Houston maritime photography

Commercial Shipping in Port of Houston

A ground level photo showing several types of shipping vessels in the ship channel.

Petroleum Transportation

Aerial photo of oil tanker discharging cargo at berth of an fuel terminal. Liquid bulk cargo is transported by these product carriers.

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