Oil Industry Photographer
This page features photos of oil and gas industry facilities and downstream operations along the Gulf Coast including oil refineries, oil terminals,
petrochemicals and fuel storage facilities. If you need an oil and gas photographer in Houston I am near the diverse petrochemical facilities along the Texas Coast and available to create impressive photos of your facility, people and operations.

Houston Oil Refinery

Vessels of a petrochemical refinery in Houston, a center for downstream refining and processing of petrochemicals.

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Houston Oil Industry

An aerial view showing industrial facilities along the Houston ship channel with the San Jacinto monument in the background.

Oil Refinery at Dawn

An oil tanker passes by a refinery as the warm morning light illuminates the still waters of the ship channel.

texas oil refinery photo

Petrochemical Refinery

A complex maze of pipe guides the flow of oil and gas through a Houston refinery. Processing plants manufacture vital plastic, rubber and resin products including polyethylene, polyvinyl chloride and polypropylene.

oil terminal photos

Oil Tanker Terminals

This aerial photo shows an oil tanker receiving liquid bulk from the terminal gantry.

oil tankers receive fuels at Port of Houston terminal

Houston Oil Terminal

Product tankers loading fuel at a Port of Houston petroleum terminal. This aerial photo shows nearby oil refineries and crude oil storage tanks.

Industrial Photographer
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Texas Oil Refinery Picture

Tall vessels of a petrochemical refinery in Houston Texas.

Crude carriers and parcel tankers at oil terminal

Crude Oil Terminals

Oil tankers, parcel tankers and other cargo vessels discharging crude oil at the berthing facility of a fuel terminal on Galveston Bay.

Petrochemical Refineries

An aerial photo overlooking a refining facility near Houston. There are miles of pipeline connecting a network of oil refineries and chemical plants along the Texas Gulf Coast.

chemical refinery texas city

Oil Refinery at Sunset

A colorful photo of a petrochemical refinery in Texas City. The diverse forms of shiny vessels, distillers and pipe racks create a unique abstract composition.

oil storage tank farm

Oil Storage Tanks at Fuel Storage Terminal

Aerial photograph showing crude oil tankers docked at an oil storage facility along the Houston ship channel. This marine terminal shows the proximity of rail transportation which will transport the fuels.

chemical plant houston texas

Chemical Refinery

Oil refineries reflect the warm evening light of a Gulf Coast sky. A variety of chemicals and fuels are refined at processing plants along the Texas coast.

emissions and air pollution from smoke stacks

Oil Refinery Emissions

Smokestacks of a Texas refinery releasing steam, smoke and gas into the atmosphere. It is reported that hydrocarbons in air emissions contribute to air pollution and global warming.

Crude Oil Terminals

Oil tankers, parcel tankers and other cargo vessels discharging crude oil at the berthing facility of a fuel terminal on Galveston Bay.

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photos of oil terminals

Marine Oil Terminal

This oil terminal photo shows product tankers discharging and loading petrochemicals at a marine oil terminal.

Fuel Tank Farm

Storage tanks hold crude oil feedstock and  bulk liquid products prior to distribution. There are  extensive storage facilities ajacent to the oil terminals and refineries.


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