Photography of Mexican Folkloric Dance
Ballet Folklorico (or baile folklórico in Spanish) is the traditional folk dance of Mexico. It is a colorful expression of Mexican culture and tradition. These photos show variations of Mexican folkloric dance costumes represented by different regions of Mexico including the States of Jalisco, Yucatan, Veracruz and Sinaloa. Mexican folk dancing, perfomed to the lively music of mariachi bands, shows the energy and motion of this unique dance style. Many of these pictures were taken during Hispanic celebrations in America. Mexican holidays like Cinco de Mayo and Fiestas Patrias offer opportunities for Mexican Americans and Latinos to celebrate their rich cultural heritage. Stock photography and fine art prints of these images are available.
colorful photo of Mexican folk dancers
Photo of Mexican folkloric dancers wearing traditional costumes from the Mexican State of Jalisco.

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photo of  Mexican folkloric dancer wearing traditional dress
Young folkloric dancer wearing brightly colored ruffled skirts trimmed with ribbons.
picture of ballet folklorico dancing
Dancers form a circle while performing a Mexican folk dance. The women are wearing hand embroidered Mexican dresses from the State of Sinaloa.
Ballet Folklorico de Tuxtepec
Folk dance performance at a Hispanic cultural festival. Ballet Folklorico de Tuxtepec is a professional folkloric dance group from Tuxtepec, Mexico.
Mexican hat dance picture
Men and women in traditional costumes from the State of Jalisco performing the Mexican hat dance or jarabe tapatio.
blurred motion photo of dancing folk dancers
A blurred motion photo of Ballet folklorico dancers in action.
traditional dance costumes of Mexico
Young Mexican girls wearing traditional dresses from the Mexican State of Yucatan.
picture of mariachi band performers
Picture of Mexican mariachi band members wearing charro suits and playing mariachi music. Man on left is playing the guitarron and the man on the right is playing the vihuela.
photograph of Mexican man singing
Photo of Mexican man singing and strumming a vihuela.
photo of Mexican boys wearing sombreros
Three Amigos! Happy Mexican boys wearing sombreros and charro suits pose for a photo.
Latino celebration on Cinco de Mayo
Mexican American girl riding on a float during a Cinco de Mayo parade in Houston, Texas.
Mexican colors of Mexico
Photo of Young Mexican American women during Cinco de Mayo celebration in Houston, Texas.


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