Hover Frames
These are examples of our Hover Frame System - an affordable alternative to traditional framed art. Hover Framing is about half the cost of regular picture framing. Photographic prints are mounted to a durable lightweight board. The surface of the print is sealed with a clear laminate that protects photographs from ultraviolet light. Wall spacers are attached to the back to separate the photo art from the wall. The print surface floats several inches away from the wall, creating a sense of depth. Hover Framing provides a contemporary appearance ideal for a corporate office space.
corporate art frame  contemporary photography office art framing
 Photo Art trimmed at the edge
of Hover Frame for a contemporary look
 Hover Frame with a wide white border
to simulate a traditional picture frame
Using a wide border is a great way to add size to the photo art with only a small increase in price. A five inch border will add 10 inches to the final width of the Hover Frame. For example, a print that is 30 inches wide will create a Hover Frame that is 40 inches wide. A border will also create the appearance of a more traditional picture frame. Click here for more information on buying prints for display as Fine Art Photography.
Traditional Framing
We often have requests for traditional custom framing of our photography. The following example pictures a black and white photograph that is framed with a solid wood frame, mat and glass. On projects where several prints are ordered we can coordinate the production of picture frames. For orders of just one photograph it may be more cost effective for the customer to take the print to a local frame shop.

picture frame for black and white photo
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