Photographer Scott Teven

The Photo Houston Collection represents my photography of Houston and Texas. As a landscape photographer, I have always been fascinated by the terrain and its relation to the climate and natural environment. When I was in high school I lived in Athens, Greece where my father worked as a diplomat. From my bedroom window I enjoyed an inspiring view of distant mountains. The City of Houston was somewhat reminiscent of this. Instead of mountains, the city skyline presented a modern architectural landscape.

city skyline photo by houston photographer Scott Teven

The Houston Skyline offers a vista of moody Gulf Coast skies with an ever-changing palette of color and light. In dramatic moments when atmosphere and light converge, the majestic cityscape appears like the Emerald City of Oz. These fleeting moments are elusive. The best opportunities last for a minute and then disappear. Over time I have captured many of these vistas with my camera and assembled a unique collection of inspiring cityscapes.

My career has been devoted to the Visual Arts. As an art major at the University of Wisconsin, photography was part of my curriculum along with traditional disciplines of drawing and painting. At times in my career I was employed as a graphic designer but continued to develop my photographic eye. My design background helps me apply the principles of creative design and composition to my photography.

architecture and clouds

My interest in the Houston Skyline led me to photograph other prominent local landmarks and I expanded my territory to include other Texas cities and destinations around the state. With an artist's vision, I interpret city and state, creating impressions that represent the scenic beauty, diversity and energy of the Lone Star State. This website presents a variety of selected images from the Photo Houston Collection.

black and white photos displayed as art in corporate office

Photographs from the collection are often purchased for display as framed artwork in the corporate workplace, hospitals and hotels. Selected clients include Marriott International, Cisco Systems, Citigroup, Enterprise Products Partners, Ferrostaal, Deloitte University, Baylor All Saints Medical Hospital and the US Court of Appeals. The photos are also licensed for publication in books, magazines, corporate brochures, annual reports and web sites. Displaying the photographs helps companies to enhance their brands and communicate a regional identity to their customers.

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